His First Adventure

How he was made and his first attack

One sunny day at a volcano there was a scorpion. He was just walking around to find something to eat but above the volcano was a scientist's lab. The scientist was playing something while he was waiting for a scorpion to come by. And one was just at the right time. So the scientist was getting ready to do his experiment, the volcano bursts at nine o' clock p.m. It was just nine o' clock p.m. so the volcano was just bursting with lava. This is how the scientist's experiment is going to work.

First, the volcano was bursting of lava and while it was, he would put special water in the volcano and the lava would turn into special fire. When it hit the scorpion, the scorpion would instantly have powers of a hero. His name was The Ghost of the Scorpion. He could not be killed by lava or fire. The next day in the morning, The Ghost of the Scorpion was walking around.
All of a sudden there was a monster behind him. His name was Shellgon. He could blow fire out of his mouth and he can stomp hard and go somewhere without you even knowing. But The Ghost of the Scorpion has alot of good powers.

These are The Ghost of the Scorpion's powers: he has a very powerful shield he has sonar sound and he can use a spider web to swing to other places. They fought but nobody made the first move in two minutes. Shellgon made the first move. This move is new. Shellgon put out some of his bad guys to come get him. They have black shirts and they are lizerds.
The Ghost of the Scorpion killed most of them easy. But there was a very big lizerd at the end and he was very hard to kill. Then he started to kill him. At the end where he was weak he used a great big attack but The Ghost of the Scorpion used his powerful shield.

Then the attack hit the shield and the lizerd died. But The Ghost of the Scorpion was walking around to find Shellgon but while he was he noticed that he was going into a maze that Shellgon made up. He said "This is like you have to go through a maze to Bowser on Mario 64".

It was.
But it was a combination of mazes so it was hard. There was loop d loops and 78 fire traps but he could not be killed by fire or lava. So he did not have to be that careful.
He did good until there was a boss. But luckily it was just another huge lizerd. So he did not have to do that much. He finally got to Shellgon. He used all his attacks but he did not kill him in two hours. But he killed him.